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Clairton Invites Duquesne People

Postcard of Clairton City Pool.

[ This story originally appeared in the Duquesne Times, Friday, June 13, 1930, and in the October, 2015 edition of the H&MTHS Portal to the Past newsletter. ]

Clairton, through its mayor and members of city council, is extending an invitation to the people of Duquesne to participate Saturday, June 14, in the celebration of the dedication and formal opening of the Clairton Park Pool and Bath House, a municipal project. An advertisement in this issue of The Times gives details of the program. Mayor Crawford and fellow members of the official city family and  Superintendent of Schools Wolford are to be guests
of Mayor McVey and his associates in the Clairton city government.

The Clairton Park pool, represents the latest ideas in community recreation centers. Such features
as underwater lighting for night swimming, separate pool and sand bath for children and many of the sanitary provisions are found in no other pool in the state. Then, too, the actual swimming area is larger than any other pool in the district. The celebration starts Saturday at 2 and closes at midnight, daylight savings time. Everything is free including the swimming, which begins at 4 after the water sports.

For more information on the Clairton Pool, visit the Rebuilding Clairton Together website.

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